PaoI have always been a bit of a gadget girl when it comes to the kitchen. In fact, when I used to travel to the US on business, I would have to go out of my way to make a side trip to the local William Sonoma. So I am excited about bringing you the scoop on gadgets we like for our new EatSavvy blog.
One of our latest finds is a new line from Ecko. These guys have been making kitchen gadgets for over 100 years so the name might be familiar from the kitchen you grew up in, but their new line is very 2009. It’s called Pao and it’s a collection of cooking utensils made from bamboo. It’s heat resistant, stain resistant and safe for non-stick pans. And it’s not plastic so no more scares about melted spatulas seeping into your food. And, as all green savvy moms know, bamboo is much more eco-friendly than wood (because it grows so fast, it is more sustainable). Ka-PAO—my new secret weapon!


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