Keen for Quinoa


This summer I’€™ve been turning my quinoa into salads. The nutty taste pairs well with almost any flavour and right now I’€™m enjoying it with cucumbers, dill, almonds and a touch of feta, although it’€™s delicious even without the cheese.
I love that quinoa allows me to serve a protein dense meal for dinner without firing up the grill, or turning on the stove, to cook some meat. The kids haven’€™t always loved it, but they’€™re adapting and as long as the add-ins are well liked, the meal is eaten.

Oh, and another interesting thing about quinoa is that it can be added to almost any baked good without changing the texture and flavour too much. So far I’€™ve tossed it into my pancake batter, cookies and even a cake, and the results were great. I started by adding half a cup to a standard recipe, and I’€™m up to a full one in the pancakes now.

This month on EatSavvy we featured a blueberry, corn and quinoa salad for toddlers, but honestly, I ate it for lunch several days in a row, allowing me to make use of some of my favourite seasonal produce. I also submitted this recipe for quinoa, blackberry and pistachio salad to the SavvyStories channel and it was a huge hit with our readers.

Here are a few other ‘€˜salad’€™ combinations I like to make with quinoa:

  • Dried cranberry, celery, lemon vinaigrette
  • Diced apple, aged cheddar, walnut
  • Grated carrots, blueberries, orange dressing
  • Black beans, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions, dollop of salsa
  • Sliced zucchini, corn, tomatoes, basil dressing
  • Pieces of chicken, baby spinach, peas, lemon zest

If quinoa isn’€™t too your liking, feel free to make a grain salad with barley, faro or rice instead.

Is your family keen on quinoa? How are you serving it these days?


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