Young Minds Are Always Thirsty, Neilson® Dairy Oh!® Contest

Dairy Oh!®
Kids grow up fast, we all know that. And as parents we want to make sure we are giving our kids the best possible start in life. That means we feed them healthy foods, encourage them to get lots of exercise and support their education journey.

Canada’s Guide to Healthy Eating recommends two to four servings of milk products per day. Did you know that Neilson® Dairy Oh!® has found a way to enrich milk with DHA, a key omega-3 fatty acid? A 250 mL cup of Neilson Dairy Oh!® contains 0.01 grams (10 milligrams) of DHA per 2% milk and 0.02 grams (20 milligrams) per 3.25% Homogenized milk. DHA supports the normal physical development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children.

Neilson® Dairy Oh!® and SavvyMom want to help develop your child’s brain even further and quench their thirst for knowledge. Try one of these 4 Fabulous Recipes for Kids and enter now for your chance to win a $500 RESP contribution.

Please note: This contest is open to residents of Ontario only.



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