Keeping It All Together


I’m just like every other parent—busy. We have two children, Beckett who is turning three soon and Zoë, almost two. I work full-time for CTV and I’m eight-months pregnant with baby number three.
Although I believe that you can have it all, I also believe that some things have to be prioritized. I never go to after-work parties, restaurant openings, fashion shows, movies—all the events I went to before I had kids. I come straight home every single night because I want to put my kids to bed—and because I’m so freaking tired. I’m a natural homebody, so this is easy for me.

I choose sleep over the gym. I’d rather be chubby and well-rested than skinny and tired. I have great support. My husband and I have weird hours, so we are lucky to have family close by. We also chose to have a nanny and put Beckett in part-time daycare because it has been instrumental in his growth. Beckett has Down syndrome, so anything we can do to encourage and nurture his development is a priority in our family.

Some tips that help me find balance:

  1. Focus on your priorities—be willing to say ‘no’ if something isn’t on your list of priorities.
  2. Get organized—much easier said than done! I spend a lot of time fantasizing about being organized.
  3. Be flexible—which means to stop striving for perfection and be reasonable with your expectations.
  4. Create daily routines—I didn’t believe in routines before I had kids, I do now! Life is much smoother with a schedule.
  5. Find support—be willing to ask for help and to receive it. Family, friends, neighbours, professionals—anyone!
  6. Simplify your life—this is a tough one. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re important, it just means you’re busy and probably missing out on what’s really important.

Finding balance is truly a work in progress.


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