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KIND Nut Bars

SavvyMom March 27, 2017
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You’re probably already familiar with KIND granola bars—the nut-filled bars have been a grocery store staple for years. Though not safe for school (they’re chock-full of almonds and other nuts) they’ve been a favourite of ours for weekends, car trips, and on-the-go snacking because they’re made with real and wholesome ingredients like whole grains (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and more), nuts, fruits, and spices; all bound together with honey. They also do not contain genetically modified ingredients, and all KIND products are gluten free.

So we were excited when we heard that KIND recently released three new flavours: Almond Mocha and Dark Chocolate, Cashew Raspberry and Chia, and, our favourite, Almond Mint and Dark Chocolate—which tastes like our favourite ice cream flavour in granola bar form. Wholesome, real, and delicious.

And if our kids ask us really nicely, we might even share.

KIND bars are sold at most major retailers and online at walmart.ca and well.ca.  

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