La Machine Arrives: A Dragon & Spider Will Be Roaming Around Downtown Ottawa

La Machine

Were you aware that a dragon-horse and spider will soon be roaming around downtown Ottawa?

La Machine is coming to Ottawa between July 27 and July 30. This is the first time La Machine has made an appearance in North America and we can understand why so many families are getting excited to check it out.

Two giant creations, a dragon-like creature called Long Ma, and a long-legged spider called Kumo, will be wandering the streets at set times for a limited engagement.

We can already imagine how our children will react when seeing the giant creations come to life in what is promising to be a thrilling theatrical performance with Ottawa acting as centre stage. Before you go, we really encourage you to read the story with your kids about why Long Ma, the dragon-horse, is wandering around our streets, and how the spider Kumo has been awakened in the city recently. The full background story is on the Ottawa 2017 website.

When deciding which days to visit La Machine, you’ll want to make note of the daily schedule and locations, which change every day. On Thursday, July 27 at 8 pm, Kumo will finally awaken at the National Gallery of Canada in an exciting moment that has been long awaited by Ottawa residents since La Machine’s arrival was announced.

Long Ma will awaken at City Hall on Friday, July 28 at 10 am and will then roam about. Both end up departing from the National Gallery of Canada at 2 pm that afternoon with more locations later that evening. Their schedule continues to include a variety of downtown walk-abouts, including the Byward Market on July 29. As a finale, on Sunday, July 30 they both end up at the Canadian War Museum at 9 pm.

While traffic in the area will be affected, the City of Ottawa has issued detailed closures and maps to help residents. Now might be the time to hop on the OC Transpo together as a family, or look for nearby parking lots to use.  For more information about road closures, parking and public transportation, the City has details on their website.

Make room in your calendar for this must-see event. We think kids and parents across the City will be talking about this for a long time to come.


Photo Credit:  Ottawa 2017 and La Machine

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