Learning from History


Remember your carefree youth, when things just happened? You never had to make a big decision’€”like what to make for dinner. Sometimes it’€™s not the aging process that makes growing up difficult but rather the decision making process.
Take, for example, the decision to buy a car. It’€™s a big purchase, especially if you are buying a used car. You don’€™t want to make that kind of decision alone and don’€™t worry, you don’€™t have to. With the help of CarProof, you can have access to the information you need to help you choose the right car for you.

What is CarProof? It’€™s Canada’€™s most trusted vehicle history report. Their vehicle history report provides important information about the history of a used car, which should be a critical part of buying and selling any used car. Knowing the history of the car helps you understand its current safety and how it will meet the needs of your family’€”key considerations for moms making the decision about what car their family should drive.

CarProof is an endless source of information for moms on the road. See for yourself with this article on 10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Car or What Every Mom Should Keep in Their Car.

They are even hosting a Facebook contest where you can enter to win a Driving Mom’€™s Car Kit valued at over $400. This includes a Skip*Hop diaper bag, a GPS, a gift card to put towards a car seat and a CarProof Verified report. You should enter.

So get some help with that car purchase decision. CarProof is proof you can find it.


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