The New Kid-Safe Lego Life App is a Lego-Lover’s Dream

lego life app for kids

If your kid is a Lego fanatic who loves to create intricate Lego works of art and would be thrilled to share them with the world, then the newly launched Lego Life app might be for them.

The functionality is much like Instagram. Users can upload images of their Lego creations and browse images of other’s creations. Unlike regular Instagram, Lego Life is all Lego, all the time—a virtual hub for appreciators and aficionados. There are also user challenges to test your Lego-building skills and hubs for specialised Lego product lines (think: Star Wars Lego hub).

What makes Lego Life especially unique is its child-safety features. The user profile images are Lego minifigures instead of real people’s pictures (each user can customize their minifigure avatar) and there are no real names. No personal details are required except for an email address.

A user can input a username of their choosing, but the only thing that’s visible is an app-generated (very silly) nickname. When we downloaded the app it offered up usernames such as King Extraordinary Toothpaste, Manager Squeaky Cupcake  and Count Caring Monkey. Scroll until you find one you like.

lego app for kids

Users can like other images and receive comments—but only from a selection of prewritten messages and emoticons. Additionally, the app claims that all images and comments are heavily moderated via both an automated filter and a team of Lego employees who filter content.

The app is aimed at children but there’s no restriction on adults joining. We can see any Lego fanatic using and loving this app.

Lego Life is available on iOs and Android.


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