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The moment you find out you’re pregnant, your whole world changes in an instant. Instead of just worrying about your own health and wellness—suddenly you’re responsible for this brand-new person that relies solely on you.

Little things like having that morning coffee becomes a decision, a sushi lunch is a definite no-no and indulging in soft cheeses is completely out of the question.

But what about what we put on our bodies? It might not be the first thing you think of, but everything that goes on your body eventually goes in your body.

That’s why we love The Honest Company—all their products are safe for you and the whole family. They are redefining the ‘family brand’ and creating something that’s better for families everywhere. They want to help families live healthy, happy lives with their effective, safe and delightful products.

So why not get started now? The Honest Company’s Face+Body Lotion is perfect for all skin types. With hydrating olive, shea, jojoba and safflower oils, your skin will be restored to its natural moisture balance. It is hypoallergenic, vegan and naturally safe enough to use throughout your pregnancy and even on baby.

The Honest Company

Many of have heard that conventional deodorants may contain harmful toxins, but who wants to give up deodorant? The Honest Company’s Natural Deodorant Spray uses a proprietary anti-odour complex to fight odour-causing bacteria. It comes in three great scents—Bergamot Sage, Vetiver and our personal favourite, Lavender Vanilla.

The Honest Company

The Organic Belly Balm is heaven sent, helping to prevent stretch marks, improve elasticity and restore moisture to the skin. It’s basically everything an expecting mom would want because, you guessed it, it‘s hypoallergenic and pH balanced.

The Honest Company Belly Balm

And once baby arrives, of course you’ll want products with only the safest ingredients to use on their sensitive skin.

If you’ve never heard of The Honest Company Honest Wipes, you are missing out. These plant-based, natural cloth wipes are biodegradable (so Mother Nature thanks you) and they contain no parabens, chlorine or phenols (so your baby thanks you, too).

The Honest Company Wipes

After baby’s arrival, you will probably find that you are doing a lot more laundry than ever before. And while we can’t promise to make laundry fun, we can make it safe for your babe’s skin. We can’t get enough of The Honest Company’s Laundry Detergent—it’s tough on dirt and stains, can be used on all types of clothes, and leaves no chemical residue behind.

The Honest Company Laundry Detergent

The best news of all is that The Honest Company is now available in Canada at speciality retailers near you, including Indigo,, Canadian Tire and Bed Bath & Beyond. So you can join in on the mission to help families live healthy, happy lives!



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