Lunch Packing Tips and Tricks


Love the Leftovers – ‘Cook once and eat twice’ is a mama motto we all need to memorize. Double up on rice, pasta, cooked proteins, soups, and stews and set aside portions for the next day’s lunch.

Put Money in the Bank – A well-stocked pantry is like having money in the bank when it comes to making the school lunch. Keep fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain crackers and bread products, cheese, popcorn, pretzels, dried fruit, assorted seeds, beans, hard-boiled eggs, pesto, and cooked chicken well stocked, and withdraw as needed.

Work on the Weekend – An hour or two of cooking time on the weekend will make the workweek go much smoother. Hard-boil eggs, make dips, chop veggies, bake, and fill the freezer for the week ahead.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – When you’re in a sliced sandwich rut consider swapping out your regular bread products for a grainy alternative like waffles, leftover pancakes, tortillas, dinner rolls, bagels, pretzel buns, English muffins, naan, pitas, and rice cakes.

Keep It Cool – To help keep the lunch box cool, freeze fruit and veggie squeeze pouches, drink boxes, and small bottles of water to use as edible ice packs in an insulated lunch bag. Not only will this keep the lunch cold, but also by midday the frozen drinks or snacks will have melted and are ready to enjoy chilled.


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