Meet the New Meat


It’s amazing how the luncheon meats of past were so ‘full’ of things that they now are free of—fats, nitrates and other chemicals that are next-to-impossible to pronounce. And that’s not including what part of the animal that the so-called ‘meat’ actually came from.
The idea of pizza growing on trees is absurd. The idea that old-fashioned luncheon meat was actually good for you may have been even more so. Here at SavvyMom, we are major advocates of healthy meat options, such as the Life Choices Hot Dogs that are now sporting SavvyMom Approved stickers (yep, we liked them that much), and we’re always looking to find more meat products that are good for our kids (and us, too).

Recently, we tried sandwiches featuring luncheon meat from Freybe Gourmet Foods who are launching their Naturally Freybe line of hormone, preservative and antibiotic-free meats that are perfect for kids’ lunches. We loved the roast beef, ham, and turkey sandwiches and liked that the cold cuts were made from whole muscle meat (rather than the ground-up processed version created from a range of parts that old school bologna happens to be from).

Another great option that we’d pack in our kids’ lunch boxes are the cold cuts from Maple Leaf Natural Selections. Their philosophy is simple: natural ingredients you can pronounce and nothing added that you wouldn’t want to serve to your loved ones. They make oven-roasted, or smoked and uncured ham, chicken and turkey breast. What we thought was interesting is that celery salt is used as a natural preservative so they have done away with all kind of unpronounceable chemicals in the ingredients.

So all this ‘meaty news’ means that making lunch is a slice again. Do you have a healthier option to recommend?


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