Back-to-School Meal Strategies


“What’s for breakfast?” “What’s for lunch?” “What’s for dinner?”
Sometimes you can’t believe yet another meal for the kids is just minutes away. ‘Back to reality’ brings enough to-do’s on our list while we’re worrying about the next healthy meal that even ‘ants on a log’ (read: cream cheese with raisins on celery sticks) seems ambitious when you’re looking for new sneakers, signing forms and registering for soccer.

Some strategies to help you are:

  • Get the kids to help. Even the littlest ones can put out the plates, the spoons, the napkins. If the table is too high, bring down the playroom table. If the shelves are too high, put supplies in a low drawer. Put the milk in smaller pitchers, let them grate the cheese and wash the salad.
  • Think of ‘food as fuel.’ At this stage of your life (and your children’s lives), repetition is good. If it reduces the stress on you, your kids will be happier and might even enjoy the food more.
  • Get in a weekly routine. Mondays can be chicken night, Tuesdays can be pasta, etc. It makes the grocery shopping easier and the family knows what to expect (and you don’t have to think as much). Plan leftovers when mealtimes are staggered due to extracurricular activities.
  • Serve fruit frozen. If your kids don’t like fruit, try cutting frozen fruit into bite-sized pieces. This works well even for peas.

How do you plan your meals?


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