Top Ten Quick Breakfast Recipes


For most moms, the morning routine is hardly the highlight of the day. There are a lot of tasks that have to take place in a short time, and at the risk of stressing you out even more, many of them determine the success of your child’s day (like remembering the shoes for gym, the library book, math homework, money for the field trip…).
At the top of the list is breakfast. See our Top 10 Quick Breakfast Recipes.

You can have some fun in the morning with these wacky Breakfast Sushi made with your favourite combination of nut butter or cream cheese and a favourite fruit. The kids will have fun popping them in their mouths—serve with chopsticks for a little more Asian ‘flavour’.
Your kids will think you’re magic when you serve up this classic Chick-in-a-Hole recipe. Seriously, how did you get that egg in that piece of bread? Moms never give away their secrets—like the fact that you know how much protein is in one egg and why eating them in the morning is such a good way to start the day.


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