It’s not a dirty secret—it’s more like the common cold. Like it or not, head lice is the second most communicable affliction among school age children (second to the cold, that is). It’s a nitpicky fact of lice and it’s not fun or pretty.
Some argue that the occurrence of head lice has reached epidemic levels but there are no formal reporting systems in place to make that an official claim. Regardless, the fact is that lice seems to hit all schools, camps, daycares or environments where children are, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed. They do not discriminate—everyone is susceptible. It’s commonly thought that lice prefer dirty hair to clean hair, but this is a myth. Having lice has nothing to do with poor hygiene. In fact, they particularly like clean well kept hair, but they’ll settle for dirty un-kept hair as well.

The bad news is that lice have become resistant to many of the topical treatments available, most of which contain commonly-used insecticides. The same insecticides we won’t put on our grass, we are putting on our children’s head to kill the lice—and there is a good chance that they won’t work every time.

Resultz® Isopropyl myristate RinseBut there is hope in a bottle and it’s called Resultz®. Resultz® is the clinically proven head lice treatment that is kid friendly (odourless and colourless) and pesticide-free.

What’s the secret to Resultz®? It works differently from other treatments because it contains isopropyl myristate, the same ingredient found in cosmetics such as lipstick. Resultz® dissolves the waxy outer layer of lice, causing them to dehydrate and die in as little as 10 minutes*. And because Resultz works in this physical way to kill lice, it is unlikely that lice will develop a resistance to it.†

How good is Resultz®? In a Canadian trial, Resultz® was shown to be 96.5% effective at killing head lice.

So if you notice a lot of head scratching going on in your home, don’t mistake it for children in deep thought. You know what you have to do—get Resultz®.

† A second treatment is recommended 7–10 days after the initial one to kill any lice newly hatched (from eggs) after the first treatment.

* Resistance, in this case, refers to the ability of head lice to survive toxins that are intended to kill them.


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