Milky Paws Wool Dryer Balls


Hand-made by mom-run business Milkypaws, these felted wool dryer balls are used in place of fabric softener (and all its potentially nasty chems). Just toss two or three in your dryer and they tumble around, removing static and helping everything dry faster by keeping the fabric moving about. A great alternative to tennis balls or commercial dryer balls, which can leach BPA, they become firmer with time and their “not-quite-round” shape breaks through static better than a round ball. We love their potential to help us reduce both the use of chemicals in our laundry and energy drying it, but most of all we love their handmade, vintage vibe. They look great in a bowl in the laundry room between loads, and also make a great baby toy in a pinch. (Available at, $6.95 each)


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