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Toe-besity, a pregnant Yahoo! CEO, a hilarious birth plan, a delicious summer smoothie and great outdoor games for the kids. There is so much to talk about this week.
1. So I recently came across the term ‘toe-besity‘. It’s an affliction felt by many women who are unhappy about the size of their toes. So displeased, apparently, that they are electing for surgery to improve the look of them. Shorter and thinner is what they are after. It’s the latest in the world of plastic surgery. Just when you thought that waxing your nose hairs was taking things a bit far, we learn that women are getting toe reductions. Good news for Havaianas, perhaps. Bad news for society?

2. Well, the recent Silicon Valley news that Marissa Mayer, former VP at Google, has moved over to Yahoo! as the new CEO, is big. There is a lot to this story that’s newsworthy but what makes it even more interesting is the fact that she is pregnant. She reportedly entered into talks with Yahoo! in June when she was 5-6 months pregnant and told them right away about her condition. The board didn’t blink. This is a big step for corporate America and women in business. She seems like an incredibly smart and accomplished woman, to be sure. What I find interesting is that people are already positioning her as an example of someone who can have it all. She hasn’t even had the baby yet. Let’s hope it works out for her and for Yahoo!. Interesting times…

3. We have all met the ‘perfect’ first-time parents who are sure that having children won’t change their aesthetic, hipster lives. They will allow no plastic into their homes. Their child will be the first to sleep through the night—every night. They will be speaking Mandarin by age two. Here is a hilarious birth plan note that has been making the rounds as of late. My favourite line: ‘In the event you are ever unsure how to proceed today, please ask yourself, ‘What Would Gwyneth Do?”

Summer Smoothie4. Moms are always looking for drinks that are not filled with sugar to help keep the kids hydrated during the summer months. We’re also always looking for ways to get as many fruits and veggies into them—whatever way we can. That’s why this delicious summer smoothie recipe caught my attention this week. One of our mom bloggers shared it and I just love it. You will too. Note: the frozen banana is important for the texture but if you don’t have time (or patience) to wait, just add crushed ice.

13 Old School Ways to Play
5. I have written before about my views on kids and their need to move, play outside, get off the couch, put down the screen, etc. That’s why I am particularly proud of our latest gallery: 13 Old School Ways to Play. I encourage parents to implement at least one of these games a week for the rest of the summer. You’ll enjoy the time as much as the kids will. I promise.


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