Minnow’s Five Things


It’s a busy world out there and not much shocks me these days but the recent publicity stunt by Ashley Madison has got people talking. See what else caught my radar this week.

    1. Ashley Madison Wants to Save Our Zoos – Sarah heard this story on the radio last week at the dentist office and almost choked on her mouthwash. In a typically irreverent move, Ashley Madison, the well-known online dating site (for married people!), is willing to save some of our local zoos in Toronto—Far Enough Farm on Centre Island and High Park Zoo—in exchange for naming rights. ‘You’ll love the cougars at our zoo,’ wrote Noel Biderman, the company’s CEO. This is reminiscent of the time back in 2009 when he tried to pimp up our TTC buses with the slogan ‘life’s short, have an affair’. Genius or troublemaker?

  • P&G Video—We posted this video on Facebook last week and received a lot of comments from our fans. Our office was in tears after watching it. Any parent who takes their child to any kind of organized sport or activity will appreciate it. I have to say, P&G nailed it. Bring on the games!




  • Holy Crap Cereal—“ You might have seen this in some grocery shelves recently but Sarah and I have been loving Holy Crap Cereal for about a year now. It’s not just the name that got us hooked (and how can you pass up on Skinny B, the gluten-free version), but the goodness it’s filled with. Chock full of all the stuff we’re supposed to be feeding ourselves (chia seeds being one in particular), it makes you feel good, even if you have no clue what the ingredients are.


Skinny B Cereal

  • Parents Suing Apple—“According to Babble, parents in the US are suing Apple over their kids’ addiction to apps, specifically the apps that use gamification or ‘game currencies’ to advance to the next level or add features. The bottom line is that the kids have been racking up huge bills playing these highly addictive games because the players can buy more currency and the parents are getting dinged unknowingly. Whose fault is this?
  • Gender Reveal Parties Cont’d—“I wrote about these last week on my blog and low and behold one of our SavvyStory tellers had one this week! Kristine from Busy but Healthy announced to her family (then posted it on the internet) that she is having a girl! Her clue? Pink filling in the cake.

It’s not all about me though—what do you think?



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