Minnow’s Five Things


What a week it’s been. As if the holidays aren’t enough, we have a royal pregnancy, papal updates and Korean music light shows. Wait, which one of those is not like the other?
1. The lights are up outside my house. The tree is going up this weekend. I’m totally into the holiday spirit. That’s why I’m so excited about all of our holiday features this year—but my favourite so far is this very handy chart to use for entertaining. It tells you just how much food and drinks you’ll need for your next festive fete. Knowing how much wine to buy or meatballs to make is always a big dilemma, but thanks to our very talented food editor Jan Scott, we have you covered this year!

royal baby

2. Moving away from the holidays for a minute…I can’t pretend the royal baby announcement on Monday didn’t have everyone in our office spinning. My inbox and my Facebook feed were both filled within the first hour of the announcement. Kate was trending on Twitter. Global Television stopped by to ask me a few questions about whether or not the new baby will be a trend setter. (I’m thinking yes—even when it’s sleeping.) I’m really not a royal watcher (I am Irish, after all) but I can’t help but be pleased for the happy couple. My maternal instincts want to advise her to take care of herself. She has a big job ahead of her, trying to raise that child out of the limelight. Look how much attention it’s getting already.

3. Not to be outdone by the Royal Family, the Vatican announced early Monday morning that the Pope will soon be tweeting. Starting on December 12, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger will start tweeting with the handle @pontifex. This is big news indeed. For a man who travels around in a bubble-covered car and is only seen on a balcony, his office is now accessible. The Washington Post reported that a day after the announcement of @pontifex and before ever sending out a single tweet, the pope had half a million followers. That is, on Twitter.

4. I wonder if the Pope knows that it was 20 years ago that the first SMS (aka text message) was sent? And guess what the message was? ‘Merry Christmas.’ What a simple, happy start to a very prosperous and important life of the SMS (which stand for ‘Shortened Message Service,’ by the way). Since then, it has won and lost elections, raised millions of dollars for relief efforts and revolutionized the way an entire generation communicates—both through language and social behaviour. Not bad for 20 years.

5. Everyone’s favourite Korean dance and music sensation, PSY—who has taken the world by storm—probably never anticipated that his music would be featured in such a light show as this. It’s how they do Christmas in Perth, apparently. I want to go!

Have a great week and make sure to take some time for yourself during these crazy weeks ahead.


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