How to Clean a Pot After Burning Sugar


Last week I made some caramel for an upcoming EatSavvy recipe. I turned my back for a second’€”distracted by the kids’€”and before I knew it, the golden mixture had turned black and pungent. Needless to say, the sugar mixture was ruined. So was my precious Le Creuset pot, or so I thought, until after three days of soaking it, I finally took to Google to help me solve my problem.
Now that we’€™re all probably baking and making a little more than usual thanks to the upcoming holidays, I thought I would share my newfound trick for cleaning so-burnt-to-the-bottom-it’€™ll-never-come-off cookware.

For starters, you need no chemical cleaners for this’€”just water and baking soda. Fill the pot with one or two inches of water and add a large amount of baking soda, enough to thoroughly cover the bottom of the pot. Place the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Let it boil for 2’€“3 minutes and you’€™ll see the leftover burnt bits begin to peel themselves (see in the first photo) from the bottom of the pot. Drain the water and wipe out the bottom of the pot with some paper towel. All of the charred material should wipe away’€”and if it doesn’€™t, just give it a little scrub with some soap and water.

Have you ever burnt your pots and pans? How did you get them clean?


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