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Despite my weather induced misery, I did get excited about Skinny chocolate, more mom ads, new rules for educating our kids, an update on the Batkid and a great contest. That’s what caught my attention this week.
I read a fascinating article that made the rounds on facebook about a school in Aukland, NZ that removed all safety rules in the playground. The kids were found playing in mudslides, skateboarding, climbing trees and generally playing without rules but looking out for each other without being told to. Teachers and parents were initially worried but very pleased after the first year as bullying went away, they no longer required a time out area and the children were happier. This story isn’t just about playtime rules and bullying, this is about teaching children to make their own decisions and take risks. Child development experts point to the fact that we’re ‘cotton-wooling’ our children and protecting them too much which is more dangerous in the long run. Children don’t learn from watching other people take risks on TV, they have to experience it themselves. Let your kids go. See what happens.

Last week I wrote about effective advertising for moms, but I missed this one I found on the Huffington Post. Watch it if your mascara is waterproof. This company knows how to appeal to moms, but will they sell more baby carriers? I can’t tell yet, but I do think the subtle inclusion of the product is interesting. I wish more brands were doing this.

Another sequel I have for you today is an update on the Batkid story I wrote about months ago. It’s the story of a five year old boy with leukemia that made headline news in November when the city of San Francisco staged a Superhero extravaganza through the Make a Wish Foundation. The city reportedly spent over $100,000 on the event, ensuring that Miles Scott got his wish. It was just announced that philanthropists John and Marcia Goldman are picking up the city’s tab. What a bittersweet story this is.


On a more personal note, I’m still working on some of my New Year’s resolutions and so far they are all still a work in progress. I have been trying to cut back on sugar and found some help in the supermarket aisle with Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews. They’re described as irresistible dark chocolaty chews—less than 20 calories each. I think they taste pretty good, they actually do satisfy that after-dinner craving and they’re good for you. And they’re gluten free. I say give them a try—you can pick them up at Loblaws.

Dr. Joey's SkinnyChews

Finally, if you’re in the winning kind of mood, you might be interested in participating in this contest from one of our great partners, Insception Lifebank. The prize is a mamaroo—it’s the hottest baby product on the market right now. If your kids are older, I would enter anyway and give the prize to someone you love. Good luck!


Have a great week. Stay warm and get ready for Feb.



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