Minnow’s Five Things


Hot dogs, grilled cheese and Jamie Oliver…it’s all about food this week. But I also liked these tips on how to look good on a webcam and am excited to see the new Microsoft tablet. Whenever they launch it. Here are just a few things that caught my eye this week.
1. I know kids love hot dogs and there are a lot more options for us to choose from these days. Companies like Life Choices for example, offer an all-beef option with none of the scary additives that were in the type I fed my kids when they were little. But here’s the thing. I came across this new revolutionary tool that makes eating hotdogs so much safer for kids—The Dog Dicer. I have to ask: do moms really need a quick slicer for kids to eat their hot dogs faster? If they are that dangerous, should they be eating them in the first place at such a young age? Really, how hard is it to chop up a wiener?

Grilled Cheese Toaster

2. Since we’re talking about kids’ food staples, here’s a tip that came across my desktop this week that actually made me look twice. Just by tipping a toaster on its side, this handy way of making grilled cheese sandwiches is brilliant. Kids can make them on their own without having to use the stove top, there is less mess and you can even add your own toppings to make the open face grilled cheese fancy (croque-monsieur, anyone). It did occur to me that there could be some crumb spillage from the toaster when it gets tipped on its side, but that’s OK. They needed to get out anyway.

Jamie Oliver

3. And there’s more in the world of kids and food. One of my favourite global men—Jamie Oliver—swooped in to save the day for a nine year old foodie with a cause. A student in the UK who photographed and blogged about her school lunches being unhealthy was successful in implementing change in her school cafeteria. Unfortunately, when the story hit the national press, the school asked her to stop posting. That’s when the Jamie machine swooped in to defend her. This story is about so much more than school lunches, freedom of speech and Jamie Oliver (but he does make it so much more attractive). It’s about the power of one, social media and it’s ability to affect change.

4. If you have ever communicated over Skype or a webcam you know what I’m talking about. Who is that person on the screen that looks like you but worse? Whether it’s personal or professional, you want to look like yourself and you don’t want to be distracted during the call with how big your nose looks. This video I found on Daily Candy gives some pretty simple tricks on how to set up for a successful skype or webcam call.

Microsoft Surface tablet

5. For something that hasn’t hit the market yet, there is already a lot of hype about the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Good for them—I’m excited to learn more about it. There’s still no launch date (they are being rather cagey about that), but here is some information released by Microsoft listing five advantages it has over the iPad. It sounds like their point of difference is going to be that they have solved the keyboard issue so we’ll be able to get more work done on it. It’s a good idea if it works.


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