Mom Reflections


When my kids were really little, I used to sit, exhausted from running around all day trying to keep them alive (literally), and think: ‘One day they will be 10 and everything will be so much easier.’ A very wise friend of mine constantly reminded me not to wish the time away because when our kids turn 10, we will be turning 40 (and she had an excellent point).
Obviously I don’t want to wish the years away, and since 40 is the new 30, I’m kind of over that whole issue. My boys are all grown up (11 and 13) and every once in a while I think about those babies I held and wish for a hot tub time machine to take me back for just a minute.

An amazing video I came across recently pulled on those very same heart strings. It’s called Reflections on Motherhood and asks the question to moms—if you went back in time to the days just before your first child was born, what would you tell yourself? The answers are beautiful and emotional and range from practical answers like ‘Google does not have children’ to ‘Be prepared to meet the love of your life’.

What would you tell yourself or any other new mom-to-be?


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