Mummy Juice Boxes


Here’s a fun, festive twist that’s great for Halloween parties. If you need a non-candy treat to send into a classroom party, nothing could be easier to put together than these mummy juice boxes.

A mildly spooky snack, this is a great way to up the fear factor without scaring the kids. To make them, you’ll only need four items: juice boxes, something white to mimic a mummy’s bandages (gauze, white electrical, Duct, or hockey tape), googly eyes, and glue/glue dots.

Remove the straws from the side of the box and set aside. Wrap each box until covered. You can just cover the sides or you can do the entire box. If you choose to wrap the entire box makes sure you create a hole where the straw will need to go. Then, affix the googly eyes with glue or glue dots to create the face of the mummy.

If you can’t find googly eyes (they seem to be readily available at this time of year though) you can always use eyeball stickers, or better yet, have the kids draw eyes on the bandages.

Have fun. And Happy Halloween!


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