New Baby Essentials: What To Put On Your Registry

Pregnant expectant and happy  woman using technology from home
Pregnant expectant and happy woman using technology from home

I remember being completely overwhelmed when I attempted to put together my baby registry. I hadn’t been around babies much growing up and was the first of my friends to become pregnant so had no idea what I would really need.

I started to investigate what my new little bundle of joy would need but found it confusing; there seemed to be so much contradictory information. Some people love diaper wipe warmers while others weren’t so keen on it. Did I really need a special garbage can just for diapers? What kind of carrier should I get? Do I even need a carrier? (Yes!)

Plus, there were, what seemed to be, a million different stores where I could shop.

I found one of the most helpful places to be Babies R Us Canada, not only because it’s easy to research what you need, but you can also download the app to create your own personal registry.

Oh, wait… let’s back up a second. You probably thought Babies R Us was closed, right? It was all over the news last year how it was shutting down.

Well, I’m happy to say it’s open in Canada and ready to make your life easier when it comes to creating the perfect registry for your new baby. While Babies R Us Canada has this amazing checklist with all the essentials, I’m going to fill you in on what I couldn’t live without. Because nobody wants registry regrets.

A Place For The Baby To Sleep

This one seems like a no-brainer, right? But notice how I didn’t just say ‘crib’? While you may eventually need a crib, our little guy slept in a portable bassinet beside our bed for the first four months, and because we lived in a three-story townhouse, during the day he slept in a Pack n’ Play in our living room so I didn’t have to trudge up and down the stairs. When it comes to where your baby will sleep, don’t get caught up on what you think you should do – base it on your lifestyle.

A Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow was not on my original registry list but it’s definitely something I could not live without. This wonderful little cushion wrapped around my waist allowed me to scarf down a large bowl of cereal while I breastfed first thing in the morning. This is one thing I was not expecting when I began to breastfeed…. I was STARVING ALL THE TIME. There were a few hangry moments before this pillow came into our lives.

Not only does it allow you to eat, but it also gives your arms a break. And when you go from not carrying anything to carrying a human being for a large portion of your day, your arms need a break.

Helpful Hint: Buy one that matches your décor and not one covered with teddy bears (unless that’s your thing).


Again, a swing was not on my original registry list. The swing came into our lives with the birth of our second baby who I affectionately liked to call “The Screamer”.

I don’t recall what happened on this particular day but it culminated in an email to my husband that simply said:

“Don’t come home without this,” with a link to a baby swing I found at Babies R Us Canada.

Four hours later the swing was set up in my kitchen. It was the swing that saved my sanity. The swing that allowed me to spend time with my toddler instead of plopping him in front of a television while I walked around with McScreamy. This is the swing that stopped my baby from screaming. It probably cost about $100 but I would have paid $10,000 for the peace it brought me.

Helpful Hint: Don’t ever feel guilty about using a swing, or a carrier, or whatever else it is you will use to give yourself a few moments to regroup and recharge. Self-care is important. Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint.

Viewing Mirror for Vehicle

You can watch your baby SAFELY while you drive. Need I say more?

Swaddling Blankets (Velcro)

Yet another life-saver. My first son was a bit of a mover and groover when he slept which meant he would wake himself up with his flailing arms. Swaddling allowed us to keep those little arms from flapping about so he slept for longer periods of time (winning!). I absolutely love how they now have little sleep pouches with the ability to swaddle. It makes life so much easier.

Baby Carrier

Again, there are a bunch of different carriers on the market. My best suggestion is to talk to friends and family to find out what worked best for them. For us, it was an upright carrier similar to this. It saved my arms and allowed both my husband and I to do the middle-of-the-night-pacing-through-the-house walk without losing our minds.

Diaper Genie

It seals in the smell. Get it. I promise you’ll thank me.

A Good Thermometer

Unlike how it was portrayed in the movies and television shows I watched growing up, moms are unable to get an accurate temperature reading simply by feeling our baby’s forehead. When my now big guy was little, an ear thermometer was all that was available and it did a great job! However, now you can get forehead thermometers that can take your baby’s temperature immediately. No having to wait while your wee one wiggles and squirms.

Baby Food Maker

Yes, I made all of my own baby food when my first son was born but only because:

1) I really enjoyed it.

2) My mother-in-law would babysit while I did it.

However, it did end up saving us boatloads of money. While I made do with a blender and ice cube trays, I would have LOVED to have this.

White Noise Machine

This is one of those things we bought after our son was born and it was life changing. When you run a white noise machine in your baby’s bedroom it helps to drown out regular household noises like emptying the dishwasher, taking a shower, or doing laundry. All things that would wake my son up on a regular basis. Once we got the white noise machine (and there are many to choose from so find one that is right for you), his naptimes became longer, which in turn meant my naptimes became longer too.

Oh, and one last thing… don’t fall into the trap I did and buy super cute shoes for your newborn (unless you’re totally into shoes and adore matching them to an outfit). Save your money for other things like coffee because you know who doesn’t need shoes? Beings who can’t walk.

Whatever you end up choosing, have fun while perusing all the wee little things and gear. Babies R Us Canada really is a great place to take a look, check it all out, and find what you need for both you and your baby. Have fun!


This post is brought to you by Babies R Us Canada but the opinions are our own.



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