Best Subscription Boxes for Moms That Ship to Canada

Subscription Boxes

There’s something special about getting mail. As adults, our mail tends to be mostly junk, but what if every month, or quarter, you received something special on your doorstep? (Aside from the glorious, glorious Amazon orders we get from time to time.)

That’s one reason we think subscription boxes are so popular right now. It’s something to look forward to. Luckily, there are boxes for almost everyone and every interest, so we’ve gathered a list of the best subscription boxes for Moms. Even better, they all ship to Canada without crazy shipping costs. It’s time to treat yourself.

Frock Box

If you love fashion, but not shopping


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Just because you don’t love going to the mall to look for clothes, or heading into a shop to try on clothes in change rooms with questionable lighting, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fashionable, well-fitting and stylish outfits and accessories. How many times have you talked yourself into something when you were out shopping that you just didn’t love when you got home? Frock Box, a subscription clothing service, takes the stress out of the choosing part of shopping and sends you custom-selected wardrobe pieces based on your style preferences and sizing. Check out the Frock Box Favourites subscription, where you receive 5 items each month selected by your stylist, or the Frock Box Gold package with an on-trend outfit ready to go.


For the foodies


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The emergence of food box deliveries to busy households makes a lot of sense as families are looking to eat healthy instead of turning to quick take out or pre-packaged meals. But finding time to shop and cook delicious, healthy food can be overwhelming. That’s why you’ll love Goodfood. The service arrives weekly (your day of the week is your choice), or you can skip weeks when you don’t need the supper support. We love their delicious recipes and the fact that boxes are filled with incredibly fresh food and ingredients you may not normally keep in your pantry. If you don’t love meal planning but love to cook, give this a try.

Sprout Collection

A monthly rental clothing subscription service for pregnant and nursing moms


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We all know that one of the biggest challenges every expecting mom grapples with is maternity clothes. They’re either affordable but lacking in quality, or stylish and durable but exorbitantly expensive. And while it’s nice to try and hold out as long as possible and just make your regular clothes work, at some point, you’ll likely have to buy maternity clothing knowing they have a very short shelf-life. That’s where Sprout Collection comes in. It’s a rental monthly clothing subscription service for pregnant and nursing moms. You can pick 4 items each month and wear them as many times as you like before sending them back for a new box of 4 items the next month. The best part is all the shipping and dry cleaning costs are free.

Stay Creative Box

For the entrepreneurs & writers among us


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Creative types know how important it is to get motivated, and having a special delivery arrive every quarter in support of your writing and business endeavours is a special way to inspire you. The Stay Creative Box was specifically designed for female bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs. Products inside the box are Canadian made and include training tools and documents for further professional development as well as items for your desk, or relaxation time (because even the most creative mind needs a break!)

Sweet Reads Box

Book lovers unite!


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If your idea of a perfect weekend afternoon is to cuddle up with warm socks on the couch, cover yourself in a cozy blanket, make a fresh cup of tea and read a great book, then the Sweet Reads Box is for you. Their tag line is ‘Me time, delivered’ and we can see why. Your monthly Sweet Reads Box is packed with a paperback novel from the Globe and Mail or New York Times Bestseller list along with items having to do with the book’s theme, story or setting. There’s also a delicious drink included, a sweet treat to go with your book and a card outlining the connection between the box items and the book. You can visit their website to see what’s been included in past boxes – but remember, each monthly subscription is a surprise until it arrives in your mailbox.


Stationery fanatics will be drawn to this one


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If you are obsessed with pens, pencils and cute notebooks, Scribedelivery is the perfect subscription box. Every month, a new batch of supplies are sent to help inspire you and help with your journaling, notetaking, or writing of any kind. We love the special touches that are included each month (like fancy paper clips!) and the thematic nature of the boxes.

Foot Cardigan

For those who love making a statement with socks


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Want to stand out with your socks and cover your toes in something stylish, trendy or just plain fun? Foot Cardigan is a sock subscription service. You can choose from the no-show socks to tuck neatly in your runners, or flats or the crew subscription for socks that hit closer to mid-calf and can be more noticeable under your pants, skirts or shorts. We love the seasonal patterns, and the whimsical designs of the socks that will arrive at your door. The free shipping makes us pretty happy too!

Oat Box

Breakfast delivered to your door? Yes, please


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If you’re a fan of granola, Oat Box is a delicious, delectable delivery. Each month, you get two new unique granola mixes made from organic ingredients. It’s a great way to ensure you’ve always got a healthy breakfast on hand—and you can have it delivered to your home or office. Sweet.


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    You can also add My Petite Box to your list. We are based in Calgary and we are featuring one local artist/maker every month. It’s perfect to treat yourself or your Mom 🙂
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