Olympic Memories and Legacies


Before the Olympics started, I was really unsure how much of the Games I was going to be able to enjoy with two 3-year old boys—crowds, security, and expensive tickets had me convinced I would spend most of my time cheering from the couch. But my experience could not have been more different. With the help of great weather, lots of fun, free activities, and a few last-minute ticket purchases (all at face value!), my family has truly enjoyed all aspects of the Games. I have never seen so much energy in this city (and I was born here), and am excited to see the impact it has had on my kids as well.
For our family, the Olympics started with the Torch Relay and will continue through the Paralympic Games (Canadian Mens’ Sledge Hockey is the only ticketed event the boys are going to), but sadly, the electric feeling in the downtown core will most likely disappear after this weekend, as most of the pavilions will move to Whistler for the Paralympics.

We are left with great memories of days spent walking through the city, playing outdoor hockey, watching the boys’ beloved Mascots skate, and taking in all there is to see. We are also left with great stories from Canada’s top athletes to-date. And while all of their achievements are remarkable, I was most struck by Alexandre Bilodeau and his story of inspiration from his brother, by Clara Hughes, with her incredible athletic dedication and achievement, and by Joannie Rochette, and her heart-wrenching display of inner-strength. I am sure this coming weekend will bring more amazing stories from our athletes. In a symbolic gesture, they change the colour of the Olympic Rings (from blue to gold) when Canada wins gold, as our Women’s Hockey Team did last night!

We are also left with a legacy, and not just the buildings and infrastructure left behind, but of inspiration and education for our kids. I cannot go to the park now without the boys wanting to ‘bobsled’ down the slide, and they tell me daily that they want to play hockey and go skiing and snowboarding. My boys now know what Canada is, what the Olympics are, and they can sing O Canada as well as I can. I took my Olympic Torch into their preschool class this week and was amazed by the excitement and understanding of the Torch and its symbolism.

So, as we head into the final weekend, be sure to get out and enjoy as much of it as you can with your kids and cheer loudly, too—we still have some big events left on the schedule! Go Canada, Go!

The Boys in the Bobsled



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