Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to March


You just can’t count on March for anything. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows. It’s not always winter but it’s not yet spring. Neurotic, perhaps, but there is still lots to do. Here’s our guide to making the most of the month.
Plant some seeds indoors (vegetables or herbs work well) in preparation for spring planting.
Why? It’s nice to watch something live and grow while everything outside looks a bit bleak. The real fun will happen when you transplant your new friend outside and watch it flourish and bear fruit (or vegetables).

To Barnyard Break.
Why? It’s an annual event! The Canada Agriculture Museum launches its new spring season with this fun event where you can participate in demonstrations and learn about farm animals. Warm up with wintery recipes on March weekends and suggest names for the Museum’s newborn calves. March 1 to 7 and March 13 to 21.

A really good doormat like this one or this one.
Why? Because March is the worst month for trekking dirt and mud through the house. A good mat can help save your floors (and your sanity).

The Tray Memory Game.
Why? It’s genius in its simplicity, fun and cheap. It might even help your kids develop their minds (back to the genius part).


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