Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time in a land far, far away in a magical place called British Columbia, there lived a mother of two young children, Malia who was 1 and Kyler who was 3. One day, despairing of how stained and unattractive all her baby daughter’s bibs were, she set out to create a better bib.
With hard work, diligence and her design background, Malia’s mommy created not just a better bib, but the perfect bib (and without even the help of a fairy godmother, although her family fully supported her new mom entrepreneur venture). Soon this bib became a legend with mothers across the land.

She made them with leather (an ancient and noble stuff), surprisingly the right choice from which to make a bib. It wiped clean and looked as good as new forever and ever. It never stained (not even spaghetti sauce or pureed carrots could mar the flawless light pink, blue and bone colours).


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