Feeding Time at the Zoo


Who knew peas were so sticky when masticated in little Jill’s mouth—then spit out, usually right at the wall (or you)? At least green is an easy colour to live with.
Toddlers—we love them, but admit it, we hate feeding them. It’s an initiation into parenthood that we all must suffer through. So, we’ve enlisted an expert, Lauren Davidson RD, SavvyMom’s featured dietician and mother of two toddlers, to share some tried and tested strategies (yes, she uses them at home too), on how to keep those spots off the wall:

  1. Remember that you are dealing with a toddler who has not yet reached the “age of reason”. So, manage your expectations and don’t expect every meal (or food item) to go down smoothly.
  2. Keep meal times structured. Have meals and snacks at the same time every day.
  3. Morning and afternoon snacks are encouraged—just keep the timing regular and practice portion control. Starving the kids between meals does NOT get them to eat more at mealtime but WILL contribute to unwanted meltdowns.


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