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Dashing Down the Ice: Ottawa Rickshaws

SavvyMom January 20, 2017

Skating on the Rideau Canal is at the heart of a true Ottawa winter experience, be you visitor or hometown gal. But not everyone is up for a 10 km icy workout. Get little ones, grandparents or even cranky teens in on the fun with a cool new way to experience the canal—sleigh rides by Ottawa Rickshaws.

Cozy up inside a big red sled that’s perfect for a twosome, or an adult with a couple of small kids. Snuggle under a blanket and have a coffee or hot chocolate as you relax and ride in style—pushed along by a rickshaw driver on skates. It’s a unique way to experience the quiet, beautiful community environment of the canal. No tying skates, soothing tearful kids after falls, or carrying a load of boots—just plenty of opportunities to point out lights, trees, and the gorgeous buildings of downtown Ottawa.

As if that isn’t easy enough, tours of the canal can be booked in 15-, 30-, or 60-minute intervals—so a quick trip to the canal can even work around the nap schedule. Tours start and finish at the Fifth Avenue Rest Area—which makes it easy to add a Beaver Tail to your canal experience. This outing is sure to become a Christmas tradition for the whole family.

Good to know: The sleigh rides are cash only, so be sure to bring plenty of pocket change to cover expenses. Pre-booking through their website is highly recommended.

We’ve got more ways to embrace and enjoy all that winter has to offer. Just keep clicking and enjoy our 6 Fun Winter Activities in Ottawa.



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