Retro Fit


Stereotypes are for mass marketing, not for your originally crafted pride and joy, so you won’t see any typical baby blue or bubblegum pink amongst these cool retro-style threads for babies.

Mabel is the mastermind of Vancouverite Andrea Jacob, who stumbled into making baby clothes by sewing booties with scraps of material as a way of de-stressing after work (we think that anyone who sews for relaxation is clearly talented). Once her real life baby model was born, she expanded the line and now spends more than just her free time creating her masterpieces.

Mabel designs are simple, sweet and vintage-inspired (but they don’t compete with your baby’s natural good looks for attention). We love the nautical denim bloomers, the stretchy denim jeggings, and the necktie bibs—every young man needs his first necktie bib on which to drool. Pieces are only added to the line once they pass the durability test that 13-month-old Kobi puts them through.

Handmade by Andrea herself, you can relax knowing your child will be the only one at the playdate wearing a custom-lettered varsity cardigan.

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