Frozen Gold


Nothing says summer like a sweet frozen treat, and that’€™s why we’€™re thrilled to have discovered The Merry Dairy.
It’€™s a travelling frozen custard truck‘€”and frozen custard is the closest thing you can have to ‘€˜real’€™ ice cream. It’€™s sugar, egg and cream, pure velvety heaven sold on the day it’€™s made.

It’€™s pretty old school here, just the way we like it. Vanilla is the only flavour on the menu right now and chocolate is next in line. The third flavour is rumoured to be something non-dairy (the folks in line with us all voted for coconut).

Cones come in kiddy size, and toppings are an additional 50 cents. If you ask for caramel, the proprietor, Marlene Haley, will drill a hole in the scoop and pour some in there with a handy squeeze bottle, to the delight of the younger patrons.

Part of the fun is tracking the truck’s location with the GPS information that is uploaded to the website. Look it up, get in the car (or walk, if you’€™re lucky) and go. It’€™s almost like a treasure hunt, but with a very sweet pot of gold at the end.

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Tested by Andrea T., Ottawa


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