Minnow’s Five Things


A dingo, pee-filled swimming pools, David Cameron’s lost child, a stress video and more. I saw some pretty good stuff this week. Here are the top five that got my attention.
1. I came across a little factoid recently that moms who take their kids to swimming pools might find interesting. According to a 2009 survey in the US, 1 in 5 people admit to peeing in pools. It’s not a total shocker at first read. But here are a few points to consider. Firstly, adults completed the survey—so I’m assuming the number is higher than one if there are children in the pool. Secondly, that means that if there are 20 people in a pool, four or five people are peeing in it. Thirdly, as a former competitive swimmer, it means I ingested a lot of second-hand bad water in my lifetime. But I digress. The good news? A lot of pools are now half chlorine/half salt which makes the chemical reaction between chlorine and urine less toxic (itchy eyes and skin). What’s most important is to encourage your kids to pee in toilets. That means you too, adults.

2. For all you moms who are stressed out this time of year, I feel your pain. You are in the thick of it—nursery school graduations, track meets, end of year recitals, teachers gifts, swimming lessons, soccer games…the list goes on and it’s a long one right now. Here’s a video from my friend and medical genius Mike Evans. It explains a little bit about stress and how we can make it work to our advantage. Good luck with that!

3. To know me is to know I’m a big advocate of the ‘Get Outside and Play’ movement. (Is it a movement?) My kids have the cuts and bruises to prove it but we have survived. This ad from Australia says it all. For once I have nothing to add.

The Original Playstation Ad

4. Australia was big this week—according to the Australian courts, the dingo really did eat that baby. The 32-year-old case about an Australian mother charged with killing her infant (but claimed wild dogs were responsible) was popularized in the mid-90s thanks to Seinfeld character, Elaine. That video made me laugh harder today than the first time I saw it. But back to the dingo and the mother…I’m glad she was cleared. From what I read, it’s tough to believe she could have been responsible. I’m also pleased that Elaine has a new hairdo.

Elaine from Seinfeld

5. In more exciting parenting news from around the world, it was reported early this week that David Cameron, British Prime Minister, left his eight-year-old daughter at a pub in the English countryside for 15 minutes. By mistake. When he and his wife both left ‘The Plough’ in separate cars, each one thought the child was with the other. Is this a story about bad parenting or is it a case of ‘real things happen to famous politicians too’?

What do you think? Have you ever left your child somewhere by mistake?


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