Give a Little, Get a Lot


Moms spend a lot of time shopping for their families or thinking about what to buy for them. It’s because they care.
But time is scarce and Donate Naturally knows that.

Donate Naturally is an online organic grocery store that has all of your family’s favourite natural and organic household items. They sell everything from produce to organic meat and dairy to beauty items (with a special diet category as well). It’€™s as convenient as convenient gets, offering free, next-day delivery right to your front door Tuesday through Friday.

What’€™s so special about that? A lot’€”15% of that is special, actually. We mean that 15% of the value of your order goes to the charity of your choice. So you can choose your child’€™s school, team or any other charity, such as SickKids, the YMCA or Habitat for Humanity, to benefit’€”and you’€™re not charged anything extra on top of your order.

Think of all your bulk needs from snacks, to cereals, to paper goods and drinks on a monthly basis. Then simply order them online. Need a summer’€™s supply of all natural TP for the cottage or camp site? Donate Naturally is your new BFF. Stocking up for a boatload of guests over the long weekend? Get your food delivered!

You already shop for your groceries on a weekly basis anyway, so why not give back while you do?

Donate Naturally wants to give back to you too. Until June 27, every time you make a purchase you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a grand prize of free groceries for an entire year.

Stock up now.


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