Not Your Kids’ Juice


We’€™ve been quietly downplaying juice in our household for so long that we forgot how good’€”and good for you’€”it can be.
But when Jus De Vie opened their doors in Leaside recently, it all came flooding back. The new juicery serves cold- and fresh-pressed concoctions created from a mind-boggling array of fresh fruit, veggies and even tincture drops (like echinacea or milk thistle). Their juice is so satisfying that we even began to entertain the possibility of a one- or two-day juice cleanse, a notion that before filled us with equal parts dread and loathing.

Shakes (made with milk) and smoothies (made without) are also on the menu, as are a handful of fresh meal ideas, including zucchini noodle salad and some gluten-free baked goods. The Energy Keeper cocktail ($7 for 12 oz) as well as the Fresh Delight smoothie ($6 for 16 oz) are particular favourites, but we’€™re pretty sure you can’€™t go wrong with any of the offerings.

Savvy Tip: The cold press process maintains three to five times more vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes than any carton or can of slightly scary supermarket juice.

Jus De Vie‘€”it’€™s gonna move you. And so will these 5 Healthy Food Delivery Choices in Toronto.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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