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Nothing says ‘€˜summer’€™s here’€™ like hamburgers on a patio, and nothing says frustration for moms like having to maneuver a stroller onto a crowded deck.
At Romer’€™s Burger Bar in the new River District of South Vancouver, strollers (and the little people in them) are welcome.

Nestled along the Fraser River, this 92-seat restaurant is a West Coast modern beauty with a glassed-in patio that can be opened up in nicer weather. Vintage photography of the area lines the feature wall, while tugboats and the occasional log boom floating by add food for thought.

Starting on a brioche bun, burger (beef, chicken, veggie and more) options range from The Man’€™s Man (applewood bacon, amble ale cheddar, onion strings, etc.) to The Magic Mushroom (portobello mushrooms, Boursin cheese, caramelized onion, etc.). Add some fries sprinkled with truffle oil and Reggiano cheese, and a crisp Asian slaw (pickled ginger, green apple matchsticks, cilantro and sesame), and you’€™ll have the four food groups covered. But don’€™t forget to leave room for Romer’€™s famous whisky-dipped Drunken Doughnuts!

We like that the kids meals (grilled cheese or mini short rib sliders with fries) are served on a wooden (i.e. unbreakable) cheeseboard.

Romer’€™s doesn’€™t take reservations, but with the sculpted-wood play structure just outside the patio, the kids won’€™t mind if you have to wait a bit.

It’€™s official’€¦summer’€™s here! And we’€™ve got an additional 11 Best Family Restaurants in Vancouver to try out this season.

Tested by Nancy C., Vancouver


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