Happy Holidays from All of Us


It’s here. December 24. We made it.

While we hope that you’re all cozied up, relaxing and having fun with your crew, we know that these next 24 hours are usually spent in a flurry of cooking, cleaning, and present wrapping (that midnight wrapping session is a parenting rite of passage, right?)

If by chance you’ve still got a few last-minute questions and dilemmas, we’re here for you.

How to cook a turkey perfectly

In a bit of a panic about cooking the holiday feast? We’ve got a super handy guide to cooking the perfect turkey.

Guests coming over, but no time to bake? Our food editor has a few tricks up her sleeve for jazzing up storebought cookies. We say: fake it like you made it…from scratch.

8 Cheap Outings to Do this Holiday Break in Ottawa

Want to spend some quality time with your favourite kiddos while they’re off from school? Try one of our four easy holiday baking projects you can do with kids.

Looking for crafty activity ideas for the kids, you, or for all of you? We’ve got that.

If the thought of keeping the kids entertained and occupied for another week has you in a spin, check out our budget-friendly holiday outings and activities in Ottawa.

gifts that give back

If you’re in need of a really, really last-minute gift, pick out a charitable gift online—problem solved, and you’ll feel good giving a gift that gives back.

Have a neighbour, friend or loved one you’d like to give a token of thanks to before the week is up? An edible gift is thoughtful and sweet. Tie up some cookies in cello with a pretty ribbon or pop some festive granola into a mason jar and voilà—instant present.

Give yourself a gift. During the holiday season it feels like we need our house cleaned every other day, between the parties and the arrival and departure of guests, including pets and babies. Treat yourself—get someone else to do it.

golden rules for kids

Finally, we’re comfortable knowing we’ll break a few of our hard-and-fast parenting rules at some point over the holidays (yes, those are our kids enjoying gingerbread cookies before breakfast), but we do have a few golden rules we adhere to without fail this time of year.

Please accept our warmest and most heartfelt wishes this holiday season and thank you for your continued support and interest.

Love from all of us,




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