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They say your home is your castle, but we bet Cinderella never gave a moment’s thought to air quality. Make your own castle fit for a princess with sustainable, zero-emission products from The Healthiest Home.

Playrooms, mud rooms and other places in danger of juice spills are perfect locations for classic Marmoleum, a wipe-clean floor with natural linseed oil as its base, and featuring CFC-free adhesive. It’s hypoallergenic and so durable, intact pieces of it were discovered by divers in the wreck of the Titanic. The best part is the huge range of fantastic colours—use a solid sheet of turquoise or orange in a playroom, or even get creative and have a picture or design (perhaps from the hand of your junior Michelangelo?) cut right into the floor.

Looking for something a little more grown up? Bamboo flooring is a stunning, colourful, unique solution for common areas like kitchens and bedrooms. Its relative softness means it’s easy on knees and backs (a relief to aching pregnant moms) and its gentle finish can be hand-sanded and reapplied safely and easily as needed, with no emissions invading your home.

Even small home makeovers can keep fumes to a minimum with The Healthiest Home’s line of Mythic latex paint, a high mineral paint developed for use on submarines that contains almost no liquid chemicals, and has zero emissions. The thickness of the paint means it will easily cover everything from handprints to food splatter to toddler marker artwork, and it’s so safe that it’s even approved for use while pregnant (but we won’t tell if you don’t want us to).

A beautiful home that’s safe and sound, too. Now that will have you feeling like royalty. Keep your castle top notch with our 7 Home Improvement Tips for Ottawa Moms.


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