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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes way too many baby carriage(s)’€¦and other select coloured plastic accessories. Then comes OutGROW OutPLAY.
You might have heard of this annual consignment sale already but we have news you can use this year. They’€™ve announced a brand new Busy Person Service (hello, we think they’€™re talking to you).

Instead of tagging each of your individual items through their website, the BP Service allows consignors to drop off clean goods in bulk, and have someone else invest the time to register your merchandise in the system. Smart, savvy’€”and convenient.

Parents using the service will receive 40% of the sale value of their goods in compensation, instead of the usual 65%. It’€™s still a good deal, and an extra 5 or 10% can be earned by working a shift at the sale itself. Once the items are priced and tagged, pick them up, then drop them off on the day of the sale’€”as an added bonus, items that have been through the BP Service will bypass the line and be ushered straight in.

OutGROW OutPLAY has two sales coming up: September 22’€“23 in Kanata, and September 28’€“30 in Nepean. Both sales will be offering the new service. Contact them today to save your spot.

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