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SavvyMom April 8, 2016


We all want to feed our families well, but we’re too short on time to go running around town looking for the best local and organic selections. Happily, GDFD2U (Good Food To You) is the only connection you need, bringing a fantastic selection of produce, dairy, and other organic foods right to your door on a year-round basis.

Their new website makes putting together an order that’s perfect for your family so very easy. Place a standing order for a fruit and veggie bin—which always includes some grab-and-eat veggies, greens, and at least three different fruits—and have it delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Don’t forget to note the food your kids will refuse to eat on the ‘never send’ list so that you can avoid waste. Throw in some fair-trade coffee (from local roasters Bridgehead or Equator), dairy products, organic meats, sustainable fish, or even organic staples like oats and peanut butter. Everything is sourced from farmers within a 100 mile radius as much as possible (some produce is imported over the winter months).

It all comes right to your front door, carefully stowed in a cooler you can leave on your front porch (you’re reducing your carbon footprint already).

Easy peasy healthy eating? Yes, please, GDFD2U!

If having to cook dinner tonight doesn’t have any appeal, check out our list of 7 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Ottawa

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