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Westboro is baby crazy. Strollers and Starbucks are everywhere. Young families are sprouting up faster than you can say, “What should I buy for a shower/new mom/birthday gift?” We already love Mountain Equipment Co-op and West End Kids and now there are even more great shops for our discerning new moms and tots.
As if it isn’t hard enough being a mom. The sleeplessness, the circles under the eyes, the postpartum body…. It’s so much more fun when you’re wearing clothes you love and flatter your new shape. That’s where Milkface comes in. Its main focus is twofold: clothing for the nursing mom, and baby carriers. Check out the Boob line (we’re not kidding about the name!) of tank tops and camisoles. They have a unique patented design which actually allows you to breastfeed without bearing all on top or the dreaded muffin top below. Trust us, it’s genius. The t-shirts make a perfect staple for Ottawa summers. Best sellers in the baby carrier category include Ottawa’s own Blue Celery brand as well as the Mei Tai, which offers a twist on a traditional Asian design. Confused? Don’t worry. Owner Britt Pegan, who founded Milkface as an on-line store has now opened up her first shop in Ottawa. The advantage to going into the shop is that Britt can offer on-the-spot instruction for any of the complicated stuff. Parents can also test drive the baby carriers in the comfort of their own home for up to six days.

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While you’re strolling down Richmond Road you can’t miss the bright pink gingerbread door of Tickled Pink. Feeling a sense of déjà vu? You should. This is a second location for owner Patricia O’Donnell. She’s been in the Byward Market for 13 years. Tickled Pink features handcrafted Canadian-made goods for kids. Costumes are Patricia’s most popular items. Pirates and knights are top picks for boys, and it almost goes without saying that the fairies and princesses are the hands-down favourite for girls. You’ll also find lovely (and practical!) gift items such as the easy-to-clean leather bibs by Mally Bibs. But the most original baby-shower gift award goes to the Pee-Pee Teepee by Beba Bean: a washable cone-shaped topper for the new little squirt in your life.

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You’ll be tickled pink to find just what you need at these great shops, and no milk on your face when you show up with the perfect gift!

Milkface Nursingwear
385 Danforth Ave
(613) 596-1170

Tickled Pink
399 Richmond Road
(613) 288-0529


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