Babies & Briefcases


Media headlines scream out: “Women struggle to juggle work and family”. Like, that’s news?
Those of you who are well acquainted with balancing babies and bosses don’t need headlines. You need answers.

Enter Lisa Martin, North Van mother to Adam, 8, and author of Briefcase Moms: Ten Proven Practices to Balance Working Mothers’ Lives. Finally! An expert to solve all your problems, right?

Wrong. Lisa’s not an expert on your life, and she’d be the first to say so. YOU are. And only you can decide what a ‘successful’ life looks like. But Lisa is an expert at helping you figure out what balance means to you, and helping you to identify strategies that are both personal and practical.

The ten practices referred to in her book include traits such as simplification, courage and connection. Each chapter deals with one of the practices, and an accompanying 100-page workbook helps you tailor the principles to your unique situation.

A certified coach who works with balance-seeking organizations and their employees, Lisa believes that we already have all the information and answers we need—it’s just a matter of accessing them.


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