Destination: Rosy Cheeks

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Quick! Name a winter sport that requires no real skill, practice, or fancy footwork. It’s not skiing or skating, it’s tobogganing.
It’s one of those winter activities that everyone can enjoy, from Dad right on down to tweens and wee ones. How about inviting friends with same-aged children and making it an outdoor play date? Or make this winter the year you go beyond your backyard and that little bump in your neighbourhood park?

Little known fact: the City of Ottawa maintains a very good listing of toboggan hills on their website, ready and waiting to be discovered. Use it as your starting point to find a new hill. The site even offers info on the pitch of the slope, lighting, obstructions, and whether there’s parking or facilities nearby.

One of our own favourite destinations is Walter Baker Park in Kanata. This man-made hill provides a satisfyingly long run, with no obstructions, and a gradual, easy(ish) climb up the sides. This short YouTube video perfectly encapsulates, size, scope, and speed of the hill.

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