A Day on the Drive


You already know that Little Italy (aka The Drive) is hip and trendy. But did you know this ‘hood, in particular the few blocks along Commercial Drive just north of 1st Avenue, is also very family-friendly? So next time you’re in the area, don’t just drive by. Stop and check out some of its hot spots.
Park your car near the corner of Grant and Commercial then walk a few blocks north and check out some great stores en route. We love Kalena’s, which carries hard-to-find, beautiful Italian shoes for kids and adults alike, Room For 2 Maternity & Baby, a well-stocked maternity and newborn store on The Drive since 1985, Dandelion Kids, a great children’s clothing, toy, and accessory store which has been a resident for seven years now, and the brand new Dilly Dally.

Dilly Dally, the creation of husband and wife team Tyler Quantz and Claire Hutchings, is a beautiful new store that specializes in hard to find European toys and books, with a focus on inspiring imaginative play. As a bonus, they have a great play area for kids at the back of the store, complete with an art station, so that you can browse in peace (at least temporarily).


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