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You’re busy, we know. That long “must-do” list often outweights the “want-to” list. And get this—apparently multi-tasking is “out”. But hold onto your checklist because apparently the new term is multi-purposing. Multi-purposing allows you to check off your wants and your haves at the same time. For example, learn about important safety procedures while connecting with your friends and neighbours, or learn about the subtleties of different wines while drinking it with them.
Play Safe
With four kids at home, Erin Shaheen has lots of hands-on mom experience to back up her training in CPR and child safety. She also knows how time and mobility take a hit once kids come on the scene.

That’s why if you hold the get-together (four couples minimum), Erin will come, too. She’s used to potluck CPR sessions with frequent interruptions for breastfeeding, diaper changes and popping a casserole in the oven.

Not only will you receive Heart & Stroke CPR training and certification from Erin, she’ll also check car seat installation and as a bonus for the hostess, she’ll offer babyproofing advice for your home.

Whine Fest
After listening to whining all day, who can blame you for wanting to get together with your girlfriends and indulge in some of your own? Sommelier Debbie Trenholm of The Savvy Grapes (what a great name) lets you add some sophistication to your whine session by introducing some quality vintages.

If you can round up 10 to 15 friends, Debbie will round up the wines. She’ll work with a theme you have in mind or help you come up with one—past examples include “Rediscovering Reds”, “Sensational Summer Sippers” and “Hidden Gems”.

From growing to harvesting to bottling to your wine glass, Debbie is a true wine expert (and lover) so everyone will go home with equal measures of education and enjoyment.

Learn (check), connect (check). We think multi-pupose parties sound swell.

Debbie has kindly offered a free bottle of wine to savvymoms who would like to plan their own party.

Helping Hands CPR Training
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The Savvy Grapes
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