Practical Partying


You’re busy, we know. That long “Must-Do” list often outweighs the “Want-To” list. And get this—apparently multi-tasking is “out”. But hold onto your checklist because apparently, the new term is multi-purposing. Multi-purposing allows you to check off your wants and your haves at the same time. For example, you want to get fit; you want to connect more with your friends and family; and you want to do something with all those great photos sitting in your hard drive. But you have too much to do: what with work, the household chores, the shopping, the chopping and the prepping. We say multi-purpose by getting your friends together and kill two birds with one stone.
The repetitiveness of preparing dinner is what makes it boring. You need a few new ideas and recipes, so why not invite a guest chef or caterer to come over and teach a few tricks of the trade? Dish Cooking Studio offers an in-home cooking party with many themed and interactive cooking classes for you and your friends to chose from. Alternatively, you can keep the mess out of your kitchen and take a group to SupperWorks. They do all the prep work for you. All that’s left is assembling the food, mingling with your friends and taking home a week’s worth of ready-made meals for your family.


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