Gold Star Gifts


The end of the school year is in sight but we’re not worrying about how we’re going to keep our kiddies occupied all summer (just yet anyway). It’s time to take a moment and acknowledge our children’s teachers and the hard work they’ve done this year.
Here’s the Savvy shortlist of A+ teacher gifts:

An informal poll of several teachers and moms “in the know” suggested that a good vintage is the number one gift you can give. Not a connoisseur? Start with a list of favourite picks from award-winning author and oenophile, Natalie MacLean. And don’t forget, your local LCBO also has consultants on staff. Just ask.

And what teacher wouldn’t appreciate a back and shoulder massage after a whole year of slouching over little desks? Metta Massage offers gift certificates from $40 – $90 plus GST depending on the duration of the massage. Make life easier for some of your friends and ask them to chip in with you on this one. (Now that’s practical!)


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