In a Flash


Tired of looking at other families looking fabulous in holiday cards each year? It’€™s time to step up and get in the game.
We’€™ve got some great options for holiday greeting cards to get you started.

First up, make a great photo card with a fun family photo. There are lots of great photographers in Ottawa who can help you out in this department, but we really like what photographer Harry Nowell, of Ottawa Studio Works is offering this year’€”a DIY option for holiday portraits. If you have a DSLR camera and can snap a good pic, take it yourself at his studio. Harry provides the lighting, backdrops and the expertise, and you provide the camera and the smiles. It’€™s very casual and easy going. Bring props, and pets (if you like), as well as snacks for the kids. There’€™s a washroom and a kitchenette if you need access to one. It’€™s easy as pie, and it’€™s Harry’€™s first year offering this service, so snap up the introductory pricing while you can.


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