Leap, Vault, Sing, Pluck


September. Perhaps the word drapes itself across your psyche like a big, dark cloud, spelling out the end of your lovely, unstructured summer. Or, depending on circumstances, it dances across your mind like a merry sprite, teasing you with the spectre of uninterrupted days and solid routine as the kids go back to school.
One thing is certain, September is a time for new beginnings. Among the dozens of extracurricular pursuits available for your children to embark on, which do you want your kids to explore this year?

Kids love bouncing, climbing, tumbling and balancing, so gymnastics is a natural choice. And music is good for the brain and the soul. So how about starting some lessons?

Budding gymnasts can take advantage of at least half a dozen gymnastics centres in Ottawa. The Ottawa Gymnastics Centre in Westboro runs recreational and competitive classes for all ages. There is an extraordinarily wide range of options for kids under the age of six like Babynastics (for infants aged 8 to 15 months), and Tall’n Small (parent and tot classes for children 16 to 36 months).

Meanwhile, Starr Gymnastics (and Fitness) on Lancaster Road offers instructional classes, birthday parties, camps, a drop-in playtime and even a postnatal rehab class. We also like Spring Action Trampoline in Sandy Hill, where classes run the gamut from Kinderbounce to competitive trampoline. Drop in to a class or book a bouncy birthday party.


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