History Lesson


Some days it seems that kids can’t think past their noses, which leaves it up to us to find creative ways of enriching their lives. Why not take a break from the hot summer sun and connect with local history? By introducing your family to the living past that exists among us, they might learn a thing or two. (Just don’t tell them that.)
Did you know High Park, with its wondrous wildlife and stunning gardens, began over 180 years ago as the private property of John and Jemima Howard? Colborne Lodge, their original homestead (and currently a museum), is located at the south-end of the park and offers visitors a view into true mid-19th century style. Surrounded by free parking, and easily accessible by transit, this comfy cottage remains outfitted with original furnishings and watercolour paintings from the mid-1800s. From Tuesday to Sunday, betwen 12–5 pm, staff, dressed in period clothing, provide tours, offer glasses of fresh lemonade and teach kids traditional crafts like homemade soap making and knitting. It offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life without having to leave the city limits. Admission: $5.71 for adults, $2.38 for kids 12 and under (FREE for kids under four).


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